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Reducing Drug Residues
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Treatment Population:

249 clients with a history of drug abuse rated the severity of their symptoms before and after treatment with the detoxification program. 87 symptoms were rated on a scale of 0 (none) to 5 (severe).

These clients could be divided into three subgroups:

(a) 59 clients who were doing the detoxification program as part of a drug rehabilitation program;

(b) 52 clients who had used drugs recently but were occasional drug users without marked addiction; and

(c) 49 clients whose last reported use of drugs was from one to ten years prior to the detoxification program.

Sample Collection for Drug Measurement:

Eight clients with a current drug addiction program agreed to contribute urine and sweat samples as they went through both withdrawal (if needed) and the detoxification program.

Four smoked cocaine almost daily and had been using cocaine from eight months to 18 years prior to treatment. Three were frequent users of amphetamines and valium (diazepam). One used cocaine and heroin.

Urine and sweat samples were collected on program entry and every two to three days during the detoxification program.

The concentration of drug residues in urine and sweat samples was determined by the polarized fluorescent immunoassay (PIF) technique at a 95% sensitivity of approximately ng/ml.