Signs That Your Loved One May Be Using Meth

16 May

There are various signs or indicators to watch for if you suspect someone you love or care about is using meth. First, we will take at look at the obvious warning signs and then the less obvious ones, the signs that, over time begin to surface. One may exhibit all or a few of these indicators.

The most apparent indicator is nervous, fidgety behavior. A meth addict will often repeat the same action over and over again. This can be anything from watering a plant to washing their hands. Another good warning sign is constant babbling. They may ramble on and on about the same thing and really never make sense. They tend to create a lot of drama about everyday affairs or incidents.

Someone abuse meth may be sweaty, as meth causes the body temperature to rise drastically. Body temperature can rise swiftly enough to cause brain damage or even death. They often display a lot of movement with their mouth, such as licking their lips, biting their lip, popping their lower jaw, grinding their teeth or sucking their lips. This is a very obvious hint. Their eyes will move rapidly, darting around or back and forth. These are all instant warning signs that meth is the culprit for your loved one’s erratic behavior.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse other signs include:
•    Less fatigue, increased attention, initially.
•    Decrease in appetite.
•    Increase in respiration.
•    Irregular heartbeat.
•    Psychosis
•    Memory Loss
•    Addiction
•    Death

The less obvious signals of meth abuse may take time to develop. These are usually apparent after prolonged use. These are weight loss, or loss that may be so apparent that the person looks emaciated and sickly. Their body has been deprived of nutrition for an extended period of time and can induce serious health problems.  They may have sores or lesions on their face and arms from nervously picking. Meth depletes the body ability to fight infection and the sores will take a long time to heal. Another common ailment of prolonged meth abuse is “meth mouth”, this is otherwise known as tooth decay. Teeth grinding and lack of hygiene eventually result in decay, some cases are more severe than others. Additionally, lack of sleep is a prominent indicator that meth is being used. They may go without sleep for very extended lengths of time, at times days even as long as a week or more.

Narconon drug rehab centers have seen that health can definitely improve if the meth addict ceases using and they honestly wants to better their lives.  Just having a nutritious diet, vitamins or supplements, adequate rest, hot baths, light body massage and simple exercises to take the person’s attention away from their current problems can make for a relative easy withdrawal from meth. Finding the right help is possible, but it is important to seek help through the professionals.

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